Your character is recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D to help keep order in the wake of disaster. Assemble and lead your group of superheros to save New York from the dastardly clutches of villains!

Gameplay: Marvel Avengers Alliance is a turn-based adventure strategy game by Playdom.

You choose you favorite heroes and go kick some old school Marvel villain butt. Tony Stark is your constant companion through your jaunt and early on you are awarded with other heroes the likes of and Black Widow and Hawkeye. Characters are in their original uniforms and the stories make me reminisce of my old comic book hoarding days. Hawkeye, still reminds me of my yoga instructor, minus the bow and arrows, unfortunately not the original purple tights. And while his unusually wide gait is a bit distracting he still manages turn foes into a pin cushion in the same grapetastic getup.

There are over 20 additional heroes to chose from with unique leveling and powers. You get to train and level each additional hero in their unique class. The games is challenging and I’ve found myself more than a few times cursing one of the many villains in defeat.

Rather than forcing you to level a specific class, your character simply earns outfits for each class, which they change to suit the battle. Characters are interchangeable for each battle and some also get alternate uniforms to change up their specialty depending on the foe.

 Blaster > Bruiser > Scrapper > Infiltrator > Tactician > Blaster

Blaster: Guaranteed crit against Bruisers; Ignores Bruiser defense; Takes reduced damage from Bruisers

Bruiser > Gain Enraged when hit by Scrapper; Deals Extra Damage on next attack; Takes reduced damage while enraged; Increased accuracy against Scrappers

Scrapper > Gets a Bonus attack when attacking Infiltrators; Takes Reduced damage from Infiltrators

Infiltrator > Counter-attacks when attacked by a Tactician; Increased accuracy against Tacticians

Tactician > Gets a bonus turn when attacking Blasters; Takes reduced damage from Blasters

Generalist > jack of all trades do not have any special strengths or weaknesses against other classes.

Iron Man is a Blaster, while Hawkeye is an Tactician and Black Widow is an Infiltrator. Each hero shares a specific strength and corresponding weakness. Each chapter has a new host of bad guys/gals and an infamous villain or two to defeat.

Storylines for each chapter included with the option of getting an abbreviated version of the story or more by clicking “more story.” So if you are just in the mood to blast things go right ahead but if you get a chance the narrative really is a lot of fun. The storyline is broken into chapters that are replayable to unlock mastery items. Traveling with two of your chosen heroes, you can complete each chapter which includes a handful of minions to battle as well as a mini-boss and a boss.

Silver earned by sending your character off on timed missions or from completing “Remote Ops” missions. Once you send them on their merry way you cannot play with them until they return. Buy items: weapons, uniforms, and aids with silver, and sometimes a combination of both silver and S.H.I.E.L.D. points.

S.H.I.E.L.D. points are needed for training. Whether it be training your own character or a superhero on your team or (yes more training) training for equipment use and research. They are awarded through quests and begging your hero pals.

Command points (see, I told you there were a lot of points) are needed to acquire new heroes which is gradually harder as you progress. Gold can be converted into Command Points or can be earned in game after defeating a foe.

Gold is for “premium” items and levels. You get one per level or you have to cough up cash. At a 90 gold price tag per premium levels, good luck.

The game also includes player versus player. PVP pits you against fellow players and their hero counterparts in a battle to the death. Your lethal-ness or lack thereof is ranked.

There is a buffet of “Iso-8” armor upgrades that give you and your team boosts to strength, health, etc.

Yeah you read it right, I’m agent Awesome!

As with most these freebie Facebook games you are allotted a certain amount of energy points which will accumulate back over time. Find yourself in a tough spot and you can send out a Distress Call to your fellow heroes. Your awesome ally will swoop down and dish out some superhero smack down. The more friends the better as you can collect those calls, silver, and other miscellaneous points from visiting their cityscape.

Graphics: Nothing to write home about but it does the job. Old school Marvel character in their original costumes.

Sound: There is the sound of a busy city and battle sounds, and the music is good, not annoying. Rousing battle tunes and subtle background music make the sound a winner.

Concerns: Afraid your character isn’t all that original, just a cookie-cutter S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Pick a skin, face, and hair style and that’s all she wrote. With the exception of a colored stripe on your uniform, all your costume choices are the same. Boring. I hear more uniforms are on the way for the heroes. I hope they offer some better choices for your own avatar.

Annoying: Gold, Silver, Shield points and Command points. Anything else? While you accrue most, you need Command points from your superhero friends. I didn’t have a hard time getting my points as I have a pretty large group playing but if you don’t have friends, its going to be a problem.

You too find early on that you are indeed the weakest link. While party members, the likes of Iron Man, The Hulk, and Thor blast their way through enemies you get… a handgun. I was rather excited when later in the game I found a Saw Blade, aka a hand saw. Really?

I’m gonna cut you like a sapling!

Iron Man, for instance, gets an upgraded Repulsor Ray and you are awarded with yet another rather uninspiring weapon. While most the weapons and super powers are lacking you do eventually level enough to do some damage and gear subtly improves, but not much. No radioactive goo to get dipped in or any experiment gone array.

Your character is incredibly… normal. Aside from being the pack mule that caries all the heath packs, you’re pretty lame. Definitely the last kid to get picked for this basketball game. In fact, I’d leave my character back at the flotilla to do some clerical work and take care of one of the resident superheroes, if there was a choice.

Some minor bugs pop up with loading or having to refresh your screen but the devs seem to be on top of the issues and are patching them up on a regular basis.

Bottom-line: Aside from a few complaints, I’d say this is actually one of my favorite games on Facebook. Great special moves. Storylines are broken into chapters that are entertaining. I’ve lost interest in most FB games I’ve played, but I seem to always come back to this one.

I mean, who doesn’t want to fight crime aside their favorite super hero?


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Amy Gardiner lends her talents to content editing. She has also agreed to play all those silly Facebook games for us, and we are equally amazed and awed by her resilience to do so. She suffers from a slight point-and-click video game addiction and is always looking for a new fix.

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