[box_light]Our “Tales From” series tells of our adventures in gaming through the perspective of the in-game characters. This is the last of a four-part series on Civilization V following Napoléon.[/box_light]


My war with Catherine is turning to my advantage. I have taken over both, St. Petersburg and Rostov. Now, I am making my way to her capital, Moscow. Up until now, taking over her cities has not been as easy as I had hoped. Being the great Napoléon, however, I will always succeed. I notice something odd though. Although Catherine still has much to defend, she does not seem to be putting up much of a fight. I wonder if she has finally realized she is no match for the leader of France! But, I will not accept things given to me, I want to see Catherine fight—tooth and nail—for everything she has, only to suffer the loss of her riches. I want her to beg and plead! I do not want her to simply lay there and surrender.

Hiawatha is a different story. Perhaps my declaration of friendship with him was not the best idea. He has been annoying me with his insistence on getting influence on all the city-states he has come across. He has even tried to overpower my influence with the city-states I am allied with. If he does not cease to meddle, we will have problems. Also, he has asked several times for open borders between he and I. Yet, I trust no one in my territory, friend or enemy. I have a suspicion that he is allying himself with all of the city-states to have support in a declaration of war against me. Cela ne passera pas!

Genghis Khan is also asking for open borders with me. Ha! He offends me with such idiotic proposals!


Just as I was defeating Moscow, Hiawatha made an absurd decision. He declared war on Catherine. Just as Genghis Khan did when I was at war with Caesar. But, again, I refuse to let anyone else benefit from my work. To show the Iroquois leader that I would not allow him to succeed, I annexed Moscow, leaving Catherine with only two cities left before her complete destruction. Her new capital, Novgorod, and the other city, Yekaterinburg, will both soon be mine.

I do not believe Hiawatha will last long. Genghis Khan asked me to assist him in a declaration of war against him. Although I declined, I hope the Mongolian initiates war. Perhaps he and Darius I, who recently declared war against Hiawatha, can both take him down.

At this point, every nation and city-state is engaged in war with another in one way or another. Tyre is the only one left at peace.

My war against Catherine is slow but steady. As I wait for more land units to finish her off, I have sent my naval units to explore the seas. They have brought me maps of where Persia and the Iroquois are located.


After what seems to have been an eternity, I have finally broken Catherine. First, I annexed Yekaterinburg. Once she realized she only had one city left, the Russian finally decided to put up a fight. She brought forth several Cossack units which were effective against my land units. However, she was still no match for me and I finally annexed Novgorod as well. Catherine finally parted by saying “you are a more cunning opponent than I gave you credit for.” Bien sur! She has served as yet another example to the world not to cross the great Napoléon de France!

Things seem to be growing more peaceful. But, I don’t trust this peace. Darius and Hiawatha have agreed to end their war. This, to me, only shows weakness in the two leaders. But, of course, Genghis Khan feels he needs to prove me wrong. He has become more aggressive toward me and has gone so far as to publicly denounce me. He criticized my people’s unhappiness after the war against Catherine. I could have explained to him—who seems to be an amateur at war—that unhappiness is common with people from newly acquired cities. However, the idiot is not worth my time. So, I simply promised him he’d pay for his mockery.

To begin, I have decided to liberate my old ally, Dublin, from the Mongolian’s grasp. This of course, means declaring war on Genghis Khan. I do not fear him, despite his larger territory and vast amount of military units. I will succeed, especially with both Brussels and Kuala Lumpur as allies. Although they are not big or mighty, they will aid me by providing me with gold or units.


Genghis Khan has put his military units to good use against me. He not only has attacked both Paris and Orléans, but Rome as well. Luckily, I have succeeded in liberating Dublin, who is now ready to fight the Mongolian with me. Unfortunately, Genghis Khan was able to take Rome from me. I am not too worried about it. I know I will succeed regardless.

Despite almost losing Paris as well, I have kept things under control. Paris has been restored to full strength and I have enough units guarding it, for there is truly no greater embarrassment than when a nation loses its capital. It appears as though all of the city-states, even those not allied with me, will prove useful. They have all declared war against the Mongolian for all the trouble he has been causing them in his attempts to take them over. Hiawatha has also declared war on him.

Although he seems to be persistent in battle, I will not let France be taken over by such a tyrant.

But alas, time has quickly elapsed throughout these many wars and battles. I have grown old and though my spirit is alive and full of energy, my body has become tired and frail. My time has come to leave this world and travel to the next. Oh, how I wish I could see the defeat of Genghis Khan! It is now my successor’s time to engage in the honor that is to fight for France. We must remember that death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.

[box_light]This is the last of a four-part series following Napoleon in Civilization V. Please check back for future installments of our “Tales From” series.[/box_light]

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