Although there’s hasn’t been much buzz around Cohorts of Kargonar, the unique role-playing game has a lot of potential. The browser-based game goes live with an open Beta on May 1, and is completely free.

Now, there are a few things that makes Cohorts of Kargonar unique. As the title suggests, your cohorts play a big part. The game is split into building two main things: your village and your team. You collect teammates (cohorts), train them, and as you level up they may evolve (kind of like Pokemon knights). But this also ties direly into the village building side. Each of your units will need accommodations, and so you’ll be building your village as you progress.

This isn’t just a sim game though. You’ll be able to explore the town with your team, jump into old school RPG-style battles, and even visit the villages of other players to see what they’re up to. It also has detailed isometric graphics that look great.

As a player, you can also join guilds, auction houses, trade items, or just hang out at the local tavern to chat. There are also quests, but not like those you may be used to. There is not quest log and no indicators pointing you to the next objective—you have to remember what you were supposed to do, using a strange concept called “your own memory.”

That’s right. You, the player, have to remember what you need to do next and then find it yourself. According to the developers, the game should have a nice story to it. Under its perks, they note it has “Stories which warm the heart.”

The game looks pretty cool, but don’t just take my word for it. You can head over and register for the open Beta, and check out the video and some screenshots below.

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