The Italian developers of upcoming indie horror game, Anna, just released a new video. Last time they talked about how the game finds out what scares you the uses it to make you pee yourself. This time they talk about how they use music and sound effects to make this whole journey just a bit more fun.

“Usually in horror games, music is mostly ambient sound and some very low note,” says one of the developers in the video. He adds that while this has its place, “for Anna, we tried something different.”

Going by the video, the game will have some really good music. It doesn’t just got for the constant terror sound. Some of the music is actually rather pleasant. “Anna relays a sad story,” he said. “It’s not much about scaring you with sudden screams or with blood and guts everywhere. It’s about helping you understand what happened in the past so you can find yourself.”

The game, under development by Dreampainters, uses real locations—particularly an abandoned and unwelcoming sawmill—along with some local Italian myths and folklore to ensure you hide under your blankets at night.

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