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Just as I predicted, neither Genghis Khan nor Catherine can be trusted! First they run around announcing to the world that they are friends and share research agreements; now, I find Catherine asking for my assistance in a declaration of war against the Mongolian, whom she claims has become a “niussance.” Of course, at the moment I neither need nor want part in this. I’ll let the two finish each other off for me. For the time being I remain focused on destroying Caesar. After annexing Antium recently, the fool does nothing but beg for peace. Hahaha! Jamais la pitié!

But what is this? Genghis Khan has declared war on Caesar! With one Roman city left, I cannot let this filthy tyrant claim the title of having destroyed Caesar. Although the Mongolian has more units at his command, I must not let him get ahead. It is I who has caused the Roman empire to dwindle, and I vow to be the one to finish it!


Being the military genius that I am, I found a way not to let Genghis Khan take Rome. I let him attack the city and its few defense units. When time came to launch the final attack on Rome, I took it. Delivering the final blow not only won me Rome, but it completely destroyed Caesar. I cannot explain how sweet was Caesar’s voice to my ears as he admitted his defeat against the almighty Napoléon!

Genghis Khan was not too thrilled about my display of power. Yet, I do not care. Things could not get any better. Dublin, my ally, has gifted me a catapult and a caravel. My people are strong and healthy and radiant with pride at the result of the war against the Roman empire.

Mais… qu’est-ce qui se passe? Catherine has gotten extremely close to my unattended borders at Orléans and Paris. She couldn’t possibly be plotting against me, could she? She wouldn’t dare!


That senseless female has done it now! She had the nerve to declare war on me! I am assuming that since I refused to help her in her worthless quarrel with Mongolia, she is attempting to retaliate against me. Has she gone mad? Did she not witness the effect I had on Caesar?

To make matters worse, I now see Genghis Khan’s units getting closer and closer to every one of my borders. Judging by the announcement of a research agreement between the two, I can tell they aim to take me down together. Ha! They make me laugh. Their unity proves I am stronger than each alone.

Although I now despise her, I must admit the woman is brave. She not only declared war against me. She then proposed a peace treaty in which she demanded all of my goods and riches. Only a brave fool would do such a thing knowing full well I am not the kind to give up against a foe.

As if my hands were not full enough with the two savages, I meet another ruler. He presents himself as Hiawatha, leader of the Iroquois. Although at the moment I am not in the mood to meet anyone, this ruler is not unpleasant. He is serious, but by no means rude. But alas, I must remember that is how both Caesar and Catherine started off: seemingly harmless. And now I have come to war with both! Only time will tell if this Hiawatha is to be trusted or respected.


For some reason Catherine finally decided to propose a peace treaty after minor battling. This time she simply wants peace and does not mention wanting anything else. But, as I am not one to be mocked by being declared war against only later to be dropped by what some may be so absurd as to call pity, I decided to decline Catherine’s offer. La femme doit payer! I must teach not only her, but anyone else who has even thought to cross me, that I am not one to jest with.

I not only got all of Catherine’s units out of my territory. I carried on with what small amount of units I possessed and annexed Yaroslavl, her city closest to mine. But of course, as she is hardheaded and cannot accept defeat, she fought to regain control of it. She succeeded, but only for a few days. Before a week had passed, I regained control of the city for good.

I do not understand this woman. After I took over one of her cities she proposed yet another peace treaty, only this time she demanded everything of mine! That makes absolutely no sense. How on Earth could she possibly believe I would accept such a ridiculous proposal?


Genghis Khan seems to be causing and attracting nothing but trouble. Catherine has finally denounced him in public for reasons that are not to my knowledge. He is at war with two or three small city-states as he attempts to take them over. Also, I met yet another leader. Darius I, the pious of Persia, came to me in a very friendly fashion. Of course, his amiable demeanor had a purpose. He sought my aid in declaring war against the Mongolian. Although I would love to see the savage brought down, I cannot afford to be at war with two nations at once. Catherine’s territory is much greater than my own and thus all of my units are spent on battle against her.

Even the calm and serious Hiawatha has denounced Genghis Khan. I have a feeling a world war is fast approaching, all due to this mindless being. I am the only leader who has not publicly denounced the Mongolian in any way. And yet, he continues to line his units up at the borders between his lands and my own. Perhaps I fueled his dislike of me when I made a declaration of friendship with the leader of the Iroquois. I do recall him “recommending” I not get too close to Hiawatha for fear of problems arising between the two of us. But, I told him to mind his business. Hiawatha, so far, has proven to be the only other rational leader in the world. He is not impulsive like all the others. Besides, with everyone demonstrating such violence, I felt it was in my best interest to get closer to someone who may be useful should I need any assistance in the future.

[box_light]This is the third of a four-part series. Part 4 will be out next Friday.[/box_light]

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