Studio Evil is giving us our first taste of the Syder universe where a space colony armed to the teeth with fighter ships is getting ready to put its huge metal boot across the face of some bug-like alien visitors.

Syder Arcade is a sidescrolling shooter that does well representing its old school roots, but with some fancy graphics that light up deep reaches of space with lots of pretty colors. Players take control of one of 3 starships, each with its own weans, and blast their way through 6 campaign levels.

There are also 4 difficulty levels, and if the nice 3D graphics are too much you can turn back the wheels of time with its 20 different retro graphics systems meant to resemble games on everything from the C64 to the Amiga HAM.

The game is the prequel to Studio Evil’s main project, Syder Universe—a 4-player co-op action RPG set in the same system. There’s no release date yet, but they state on the website, it lets players “Form a team or fly solo, discover the secrets of Syder Universe, in all it’s procedurally generated awesome. Fight capital ships, capture them, acquire and research alien technology, and when diplomacy fails, blast your enemies to cosmic dust!”

Syder Arcade is currently available on IndieCity, Gamestop, Desura, and Indievania; and will soon make its way over to GamersGate and Onlive.

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