I didn’t quite realize what gamers have coming with Spec Ops: The Line until this latest trailer came out. It reminds me of “Apocalypse Now,” only instead of tracking a rogue-troop-gone-mad in the jungle, you’re tracking a rogue-unit-gone-mad through the ruins of Dubai while the desert engulfs the city.

It’s fair to assume “The Line” in the game’s title refers to the old Midwestern saying, “There’s only a thin red line between the sane and the mad.”

The imagery is pretty intense, so gamers beware. It looks like the crazed unit has some kind of occult oddness behind what they’re doing that leads them to torture and kill whoever they come across.

It will likely tie into the whole “Heart of Darkness” idea of good and evil, and you as the good guy have to keep your sanity while tracking down a murderous madman. There are a lot of deep themes they could use, and if you tie in possibilities from the environment—an abandoned, crumbling city plagued by sandstorms—this could turn out to be a groundbreaking game.

Going by the video, Spec Ops: The Line is highly cinematic and while it takes place during a fictional conflict, it’s still believable. It’s scheduled for release on June 26, and it’s fair to say this won’t just be another shooter.

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  1. Matt Gardiner

    Man that looks hella intense! The stuff of nightmares. Reminds me of a combo of Enternal Darkness and MW3!

    • Joshua Philipp

      Totally. It could bring the whole cinematic FPS down a new road if they play it right. Just so long as they don’t go the over-predictable route (see terrible stuff, try to save someone and fail, teammates get captured and you have to redeem yourself to save them, etc.)

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