A trio of devs who, prior to their latest project helped create the underwater horrors of the Bioshock series and XCOM, have joined forces to establish their very own indie game studio called The Fullbright Company.

Johnnemann Nordhagen, Steve Gaynor, and Karla Zimonja have been reunited “…to see what we can do on our own. Well, ‘on our own’ is a big exaggeration. We’ll need lots of help from our talented friends who make amazing music and sound, and from environment artists who want to get involved in making our gameworld look mysterious and atmospheric and alive.” Gaynor wrote on The Fullbright Company’s official website.

[pullquote_left]But regardless of the means, our intent in the end is simply to make a great game.[/pullquote_left]

Gaynor promises to make a game with “A memorable experience that you’ll be drawn into, and keep thinking about after the game’s turned off, and want to come back to again someday. An experience that gets away from the constraints of ossified game genres, while relying on what we’re good at as a team:  creating immersive places to inhabit, and a deep, personal story to explore at your own pace. A nonviolent game in an unfantastical locale; an experience that not many games provide, built out of techniques that only video games can employ.”

One thing is for sure, the skills and expertise of the dynamic trio will bring on a tremendous addition to the indie game genre.

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