Like Cerberus fighting over the piece of meat that is your wallet, these three contenders are snarling at the chance to get your undivided attention this weekend.

Diablo III, is likely the top of the pile, being the third installment in the dungeon crawl series that started it all. It has obviously garnered a lot of attention. The beta is open to the public this weekend.

Tera, is also having an open beta this weekend. Tera is trying to break its MMO away from the pack by promising more action-based gameplay, with an emphasis on reaction and twitch combat. It’s definitely contending with giants here.

Star Wars: the Old Republic (SWTOR), not to be outdone by these beta upstarts, is also having a free weekend. SWTOR takes a familiar MMO model and gives it the Star Wars treatment, which ties in with their previous Knights of the Old Republic games.

I doubt a coincidence in the free play weekends of SWTOR and Diablo III. These two industry giants, EA and Activision respectively, are both heavy contenders in a similar market. I don’t know who fired the first shot, but countering ones “free play” with another is a good strategy, you must admit.

So which one(s) will you be test driving? One, two or all three?

To find the free goodness, just follow the links provided above.


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Matt has worked in the video game industry for nearly a decade, on everything from Console sports games, to Galaxy spanning MMO's. He has held positions as a tester, a content test lead and design. He plays with digital art in Photoshop and Blender when he's bored, and he may just cook himself up a mod for "fun." Matt Also enjoys saving people from a bad game, almost as much as leading them to a hidden gem. He has severe gaming A.D.D., leading him to play just about everything once "to see how it works."

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