From publisher Bethesda and developer Arkane comes a game wrapped up in a societal conflict of freedom. Dishonored puts players in control of a masked man set to make a difference in a civilization in jeopardy. Though the images and trailers of the game have been scarce, what has been revealed is an extraordinary concept that is exploding with potential.

Today we get to see a new set of screenshots that showcase not only the fancy graphics, but a few of the weapons players will get the chance to experiment with when the game is finally released. By the looks of it, a crossbow, hand grenade, and some sort of knife with a trigger system are amongst the gadgets in a player’s arsenal. Also noted is the ability to dual wield weapons, making for a more creative assault.

For more on dishonored, check out our other article here. Now marvel at the new screenshots and all of their first person glory!

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