Sifting through indie games still in development is like seeing into the future. Some will be hits, some will be duds, and who knows, maybe some will change gaming altogether. I came across a project recently that looks promising, taking place in a fantasy world inspired by Shadow of the Colossus, Zelda, and Sword & Sworcery.

In The Legend’s End, the player has to defeat ten guardians and gain their powers to save the world from a dark curse. Aside from some good ol’ epic boss fights—which you’ll need to learn magic abilities to get through—there will be puzzles to round things out.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Adam Wankowski of Project Erion about the upcoming game and what we can expect.

TechZwn: You mention the game is inspired by a few classics, including Shadow of the Colossus. I’m curious what parts from these games you’ve decided to pull from. What is it from these games you liked, and that you’d like to expand on?

Wankowski: In all of these games the player has to defeat giant bosses with special tactics. The bosses are the most epic features in these games. Also (the Zelda games or Sword & Sworcery) are full of great puzzles. But the most important inspiration was for me the music. All three games have a fantastic and epic soundtrack that let me think about my own bosses. After a time I had so many ideas for bosses that I planned to make a game out of it.

So I decided to use bosses and puzzles in my game. But also Sword & Sorcery had a feature which no other game had: The “Sworcery-Mode” is one of the most magic moments which I saw in video games so I plan to include similar magic moments in my game.

TechZwn: Just going by the video you posted on your blog of the first boss fight with the orb, from what I get, the game starts as a sci-fi game where the player is armed with a rifle, then they get a sword and it becomes more of a fantasy game—is this accurate?

Wankowski: The game will be set in a fantasy world. The rifle and the character aren’t from me they’re assets of the UDK but because I have no experience with animation it wasn’t possible for me to include my own character in the game. But I think that there will be a few sci-fi moments to make it more mystical.

TechZwn: So, the game seems to be based around fighting several bosses, which you mention players will need to learn different spells to defeat. What will all this look like when things are finished—will the bosses be like puzzles, will they be massive, will there be enemies other than the bosses?

Wankowski: The first boss seems more like a puzzle because there is not much movement there. But beginning from the next boss I will make the fights more fast without forgetting to make it tactical. I don´t plan to include other enemies except the bosses (see Shadow of the Colossus). Most of the bosses will be smaller than the enemies from SotC but I´ll make at least one boss that will be really massive.

TechZwn: Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Wankowski: In the gameplay videos you can´t see it but I want to tell a dramatic story with The Legend´s End. For now I only concentrated on the fight because it´s better to show and I haven´t the animation skills for that, however I´ll try to make first story cutscenes as soon as I can. I hope that The Legend´s End becomes a really magic game like Sword & Sworcery or Shadow of the Colossus.

The Legend´s End – Intel Demo WIP Alpha – Indie DB

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