With the uprising of the zombie/pandemic era of entertainment, there has been quite a lack of originality when it comes to character design. It seems that no matter how unique the plot may be, most movies or games of the zombie/infection genre share a very common infected specimen. An awkward stagger and lifeless daze have become the norm when dealing with the infected.

With Naughty Dog’s most recent title, The Last Of Us, they have broken the mold of what the infected character should be. With bodies corrupted with a mind and body altering sickness that closely resembles the cordyceps fungus, these creatures are both horrifying and quite interesting to observe. Until now not much has been seen of these creatures. In a recent project, Naughty Dog commissioned the production of a full sized bust of one of the game’s terrifying infected characters.

Naughty Dog Co-Presidents, Christophe Balestra and Evan Wells, tweeted today the pictures of the completed bust. One thing is for sure, it will be one heck of an experience dealing with the infected when the game is released. Check out the pictures of the monster below.

For more information on The Last Of Us and cordyceps fungus, check out our other article on the game here.

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