There is a theme underlying “The House on the Borderland” that will likely hit a familiar chord among most readers today, telling the story of a man, his dog, and his sister in a frightening mansion, all of which he defends at nights from hordes of monsters.

The book was written by William Hope Hodgson and is famous for helping “slowly bridge the gap between the British fantastic and supernatural authors of the later 19th century and modern horror fiction,” according to Wikipedia.

It adds, “The book is a milestone that signals a radical departure from the typical gothic supernatural fiction of the late 19th century. Hodgson creates a newer more realistic/scientific cosmic horror that left a marked impression on the people who would become the great writers of the weird tales of the middle of the 20th century, most notably Clark Ashton Smith, and H. P. Lovecraft.”

The story is told into two elements, and could almost be told as two completely separate stories. One tells of a man investigating the dark chasm near his home and defending it from the pig-like creatures that lurk in the darkness; and the other part is him falling under a spell of the house and witnessing the end of the universe, which gives him glimpses of the true nature of the house.

“The House on the Borderland” is in the public domain, and is legally free to read, download, and give away. You can download it in different formats here, you can buy a physical copy of the book here, and you can get the audio book here.

And with that said, enjoy!

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