Armor Games Inc. brings us the ultimate tower defense game. Welcome to the fantasy world of Kingdom Rush!


Take command of your forces in this epic battle on a teeny tiny scale. Defend your kingdom against the wicked sorcerer, Vez’nan, as he commands hordes of minions to overtake your land.

To arms my little soldier!

Game play

Kingdom Rush is easy to play. You are presented with a winding game map with a start and end. Your chore is to plant your towers along the path to thwart and crush the enemy’s advance. Once the battle begins, enemies will pour in and fight their way to the other end of the map unless you can stop them.

You’ll battle through rolling forests, snowy mountain ranges, and desolate scorched wastelands. Fend off and squash a multitude of baddies, including trolls, orcs, yeti, necromancers, and more. There are over 30 different enemies to take on, and some wicked boss fights.

There isn’t much of a learning curve—the game is extremely easy to play. To start, simply click on a clearly marked lot and purchase the tower needed. Each comes at a cost, as do the upgrades. Additional coins are earn by defeating enemies. Simple.

Some enemies resist certain attacks, so a good tower combo is sometimes needed. Each tower type comes with a slew of upgrade options. For example, mage towers can summon elementals and polymorph enemies. Archer towers can rain down death in a hail of arrows, and can be converted to musket-shooting garrisons. Upgrade bomards to blast enemies with rockets or fry them in a chain of electricity. Leveled soldier barracks go from unarmored fighters to giant axe-wielding barbarians. In addition to upgradable towers, you can persuade framers to join the fight, and even rain fire from the skies. The options are plentiful, and are as fun to play with as they are to watch as they wreak havoc.

Players are awarded stars for performance on each level. A perfect game yields 3 stars. Be prepared to spew profanities if even one of those puny jerks makes it across the finish line, as you’ve lost your prefect game. If too many pass your defenses, the game is over.

Stars earned are used to upgrade your forces or purchase a hero. That’s right! Heroes are now a part of the skirmish. You can control your hero and move them freely on the map. Three options are given for 15 stars, and additional heroes are available at a small cost.

Additional difficulty settings are available for instant (sometimes hair-pulling) replayability.

Graphics and Sound

Kingdom Rush offers fantasy with a dash of comedic cartoony brutality.  I’m a big fan of the simple, clean artwork. Along with rousing music, you can sometimes hear a witty battle cry. The clash of swords, explosions, and even the occasional bah of a sheep or two lead you onward.


I find I always come back to this one. Expect to play for many hours, as this game is horribly addicting.

The map can be finished pretty fast, but the game has great replayability set on different difficulties. Be ready for a challenge. The downside is some of these maps can be ridiculously tricky on the higher settings, so much so that if you can’t find the right combination of units, you may find yourself searching out other players for help.

The company seems to be dedicated to making improvements and adding levels. The mad scientists there have recently made a slew of recent improvements including a streamlined interface, optimized graphics, and programming to ensure flawless gameplay. Available on the iPhone and iPad for $1.99 in high definition, this is a must have iOS game.


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