Armor Games Inc. makers of Kingdom Rush have released their newest game, Flight!


It all begins with a little girl missing her mother at Christmas. A letter to Santa lovingly folded into an paper airplane and Flight! is born.


Pilot your own paper airplane in this action flight simulator. Simply touch the screen and swipe at the right angle to watch your plane soar. Collect stars, origami cranes, ride rainbows and hit jackpots in the sky. The turn ends when you plummet back to the earth. If you are lucky you will get a little boost from one of the pinwheels near the ground to bounce back up in the air. Getting caught in jet streams or rain storms will ground you in a hurry.

Your task is to simply gain stars to complete upgrades and travel as far as you can with each turn. Upgrades can vault your plane higher, change its design, even add rockets and more.

Graphics & Sounds

The melodic light score and sound effects work well with the game. Graphics are simple. You get a rather plain backdrop themed by location across the world but cartoony cutscenes make the story interesting and push you onward to your next stop.

Aside from background changes there are some minor customization choices for your plane, which is nice.


I enjoyed the cutscenes. The continuing story kept me wanting to play, and overall, I had an emotional investment to get that paper airplane to its next stop (at least in the first few continents).

You can’t really lose. There is some skill involved, or at least I’d like to think so… Although, I did get outscored by a 4-year-old. And on that note, Flight! does get props for being kid friendly. The game teaches them about physics and will hold their interest for awhile.

My biggest gripe is once you’ve moved on to higher levels it take forever to get enough points to progress. After the 20th or so time you see your plane soar across the screen it’s easy to lose interest.

The game is available at iTunes at $0.99. Game money can be purchased at an additional cost but I didn’t feel pressured or had a great desire to buy any. Flight! is a relaxing casual game that has a lot of charm to it but not much replayability. While it’s cool for a little while to watch your plane reach for the stars, it does get old.



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