Brand New Boy comes from our ovaphobic friends at OOZOO. This 3D action RPG makes excellent use of the Unreal engine with striking presentation and frenzied battle.


You awake with no memory… Your only clue is a talking television instructing you to fight for your life in this nonstop action caper. Luckily you are a fighting machine and jump right into battle, picking up the pieces of your past with each wicked encounter.


Tap the screen to kick and punch. That’s it! It really is that easy to play. Simply tap to attack, and find a rhythm to do the most damage. You can use your finger to turn your character and tap to head in that direction. Special moves are slotted and are easily used as well, in this action-heavy fighting game.

With 60 levels, tons of colorful enemies, some truly epic boss fights, and an expansive skill tree you can groom your character into unstoppable awesomeness.

A female character is unlockable at level 5 and equipped with male-approved non-sports bra wearing physics. But don’t spend all your time watching your female avatar fight, as you might miss the very attractive assortment of weaponry and special items. Most are available with game earned credits but some of the cooler stuff comes at the cost of real dough. Attire customizations are the same deal, with some pretty tough and kinky options.

You can choose between “Scenario mode” and “Infinity mode.” Scenario mode begins your crazy story=based adventure, while Infinity mode dishes out hordes of enemies and is especially good for those day where you just want to beat the hell out of something.

Graphics and Sound

The story plays out like a quirky Anime. Actions are well detailed and, in addition to being fun to play, its fun to watch. Backgrounds are attractive and textures are well done, although there is so much action going on you may not notice.

A mishmash of techno and rock music thumps in the background and gets you really into the madness of battle.


The combat is constant and it gets a bit laborious to keep tapping away at the screen. I find I don’t want  to play for extended periods but do come back again and again. I really want that Dragon’s Claw! Also, I didn’t find the story particularly entertaining, but the gameplay and boss fights are so much fun it doesn’t really matter.

Word to the wise… play on a flat surface. When you have a carton or so worth of eggs out to kill ya, the tapping gets pretty fierce. Parents beware that those precious iOS devices can easily get knocked to the floor as even I managed to almost flip mine off my lap while battling away.

Customizations are pretty cool and graphics are fresh and fun. It’s like playing an interactive Anime with groovy soundtrack included.

Brand New Boy is available now at $0.99 for iPad and iPhone, and is coming soon to Andriod.


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