Weapons developers at Raytheon Company just got a $3.8 million, 2-year contract from the military’s mad science branch at DARPA to develop electronic warfare communication systems.

The new systems will let the military jam the enemy’s circuits while not impacting their own systems. The program, dubbed the High-Power Efficient Rf Digital-to-Analog Converter (HiPERDAC), will let everything from troops to cars and drones conduct jamming operations.

The system works by creating signals that stay within a set frequency, which lets it jam signals across a frequency spectrum, while still leaving enough space for friendly signals to get through. This is a big move, since, as the company states in a press release “Achieving signal linearity and efficiency has traditionally been very difficult, particularly at high power levels.”

“Being able to maintain combat effectiveness while simultaneously disrupting enemy sensors and communication systems represents one of the greatest challenges in asymmetric warfare,” said Joe Biondi, vice president of Advanced Technology for Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems business, in a press release.

“With extensive experience and expertise developing defense systems across the entire frequency spectrum, Raytheon is uniquely qualified to take on this challenge,” Biondi said.

[box_light]Image from the Army Science and Technology Master Plan[/box_light]

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