Every time I watch a Hawken video I get flashbacks of Mechwarrior 3, and I’m filled with fond memories of what mech combat used to be like. There was a charm and immersion to it that faded with later releases. It was fun, yet unforgiving, and kept you playing and trying new strategies.

The latest gameplay teaser from Hawken shows some heavy combat on empty streets and by desert hills. Mechs boost into the air, run and gun. Hopefully it won’t fall too much into the modern FPS genre (nothing wrong with it, but really, do we need another?) and will hold strong to what once made mech games great.

It’s already looking highly original. The story is that the world collapsed from over industrialization, the world’s population was nearly wiped out, and those who are left have to fight over whatever meager resources you can find.

Just going by the videos, there are a handful of environments. One looks like a post-apocalyptic future Tokyo, another looks like a towering industrial zone, and another is a desert outpost of sorts.

Check out the new teaser below. The developers currently have the game as a free-to-play beta for the PC, which you can sign up for on their website. The full release is set for 12/12/12.


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