The Ion Wireless Air Mouse looks like something from an ’80s hacker film, combining a mouse with a glove that lets users move their cursor with their index finger. It’s an interesting concept, given that trackpads and touchscreens are starting to win favor over the old mouse.

The clicking buttons are on index finger (clicked with your thumb), and a pointer at the front of the index finger moves the cursor. You don’t need to touch your finger to a desk either—it tracks the movement no matter where your hand is resting, and has a 35 ft. range.

The device is a bit pricy, normally selling for $79.95, but it’s on sale at the moment, for $59.99.

According to a press release from its creators, “Bellco believes its new Ion Air mouse Glove will allow for a more flexible and relaxed experience. Until the computer cursor is replaced with new technology, it looks like the mouse is here to stay and will continue to be the master of controlling the computer world.”

It’s a cool concept, if nothing else. I haven’t used one yet, so I can’t comment on how well it works or how easy it is to use, but you can check out the video below for more info:

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