Ah, Google. It’s a tool we all use, but few of us use it as well as we could. Google includes many, many tools created to help you hone in on whatever you’re looking for, and to make the process of searching for a set piece of information less tedious.

Did you know the main search window of Google functions as a unit converter (e.x. “12 pounds in kilograms), calculator (just type the equation), and dictionary (type “define:” then the word without a space)? It’s all based on commands, but you need to know what the commands are.

The folks over at HackCollege took the time to build a full infographic going over all these different features and tools, and although it’s been out for a while, I thought it was useful enough to include here. They were also king enough to give it a Creative Commons license, so you’re free to spread it around (but not sell it).

They also include a few other tips towards the bottom, like the keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots, search for text on a web page, or alternate between your browser and another application.

Get more out of Google
Created by: HackCollege

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