Don’t we all want a nice little house with a yard for our pup? A nice little garden to relax in, while your spouse serves you lemonade on a sunny day? You can find that on Zombie lane… so what if  you’re dressed as a ninja and there’s an shotgun in your lap. OK, so maybe there are also a few dozen flesh hungry zombies beating down your gates mere feet away. Nothing’s perfect.

Digital Chocolate brings us Zombie Lane, my current Facebook game addiction.


This point-and-click action-adventure drops you right smack dab in the middle of a zombie apocalypse!

First things first, where is my digital husband? What’s that you hear? Oh yes, a radioed distress call from none other than the ole ball and chain. After safely getting him back to my newly-built compound (fences included… lots of fences) it is on to more important things. Forget about mom and dad, where is my dog? Good news is your dog is safe too and fully willing and able to help you kill zombies.

Once armed for the pending throngs of undead, the fun begins. Shotguns, Shovels, Sniper rifles, even Katanas and more, are in your arsenal for zombie obliteration.

All three of your family members are fully customizable from hair to wardrobe. Your plot of land is also customizable with a nice selection of buildings, flowers and decor available. But beware, once you reinforce those fences and sufficiently cover the ground with posies, the wandering undead will try to find a way in!

You soon receive more radio distress calls and encounter “Rent-a-cop” Rob, who stays close by most of your adventure. To help save you from game burnout (it can get a bit repetitive) you have special visitors, some alive, some not so much. A cast of entertaining survivors—the Doc, the farmer, your resident redneck and his girlfriend… errr cousin, along with others—tell a quirky tale of survival.

A nice collection of colorful achievements are in place. For instance, killing a specific number of zombies in a particular way gifts special weapons, clothing, etc. Right now I’m working on the “Hitman” reward. Once I kill 10,000 zombies I get a shirt that reads “I killed 10,000 zombies and all I got was a t-shirt.”

After constructing specific buildings on your property, you unlock special crafting schematics. My favorite is the the Mega Maul. A bowling ball, rope, and some zombie noggins = a smashing good time. The imaginative crafting definitely makes the game more enjoyable.

Aside from just sitting around looking pretty, your spouse (and dog) can also attack. Splitting up tasks does help get jobs done quicker.

Not only can you hire your friends to help you with your zombie cleansing but you can send gifts and visit their homestead too.

In addition to farming there are also side quests in new areas like the Circus (Yes, I’m afraid there are zombie clowns). A Downtown, Crash Site, and other lands will be available for future quests and continuing the story.

Not all zombies are alike. There is a nice mix of Store clerks, Waitresses, Construction workers—the list is pretty long. While some are one-hit fodder, others are little more difficult to kill and may require a special weapon. Boss fights generally follow main quest lines and can take a little patience to defeat. Super Soldier Zombies, for instance, are nearly indestructible and require a bazooka to eradicate.

Graphics & Sound:

The graphic are fun. Not your typical bobble head avatar, but a much cooler and more proportionate character to use and customize.

And then there’s the music… Arrrgh! I hear it in my sleep! Make it stop!

Concerns & Annoyances: 

You do need friends to gift and trade but I haven’t run into any problems where I couldn’t progress because of it. Then again I have a knack for guilting friends into playing games with me. I ? you facebook homies! Still, the reliance is there and its awfully handy to have a few neighbors to visit and collect crafting items. Some in-game weapons are only available via gifting, which can be extremely annoying.

Burning through energy is pretty dang easy when you have to keep fixing those fences. I can see where burnout might be a problem when rather than completing quests you are stuck trying to keep your perimeters up. And whats with all this debris? I have better things to do than pick up rubble and trash all day. Like… Oh that’s right I need to fix all my damn fences again because you mindless creeps won’t stop beating them down. The life of a zombie apocalypse survivor is so trying!

Farming… again. There’s no escaping it really. Most these Facebook games can’t seem to get by without forcing digital manual labor.

Bottom Line:

Fiendishly twisted fun, with a bit of repetition, but hey it’s free!

There’s nothing like killing zombies with a light saber dressed as a giant chicken. Don’t pretend you won’t try it too!


About The Author

Amy Gardiner lends her talents to content editing. She has also agreed to play all those silly Facebook games for us, and we are equally amazed and awed by her resilience to do so. She suffers from a slight point-and-click video game addiction and is always looking for a new fix.

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  1. Kiran Luthra

    Zombie Lane is very funny game and I play it with great interest. Help of gameskip to level up fast is marvelous.


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