Dungeon Rampage! Go ahead, say it again. DUNGEON RAMPAGE!!!!

Bored at work? Have some frustrations to work out? Want to smash things with a giant hammer? This might be the game for you!


This sadistic keyboard/point and click immediately drops you into the battle arena. A Berserker (your first character and only freebie) charges into battle, stomping the remains of unluckier combatants as a hoard of angry Orcs stampede. You can either throw your stash of battle axes or bash them to paste with your hammer. You continue your green goo bath while throngs of admirers cheer all around the cleverly drawn battlefield.

Class selection with several customizations are available (but at a price).

Berserker                              Ranger                               Battle Chef

Sorcerer                                Samurai                                Vampire Hunter

The game is a Diablo style group dungeon free-for-all. You are loaded into each new battlefield along with a gaggle of fellow raiders. Each group is randomized and you play with other live players and can even invite your own friends to group up.

Are you not entertained?

Random encounters of usual dungeon crawl fare attack en masse. At the end of some battles you will even encounter a boss! Fights can be tricky and you will be beat down in a hurry if you don’t manage your character. And don’t forget to be quick on your feet as there are traps throughout each level.

Pets are also available to assist in fighting and cost gems.

Health and mana are regenerated as you continue your rampage. Various food items also drop and give back energy. Burgers, bread, even haggis (eww I’m not eating that) drop throughout. Potions are available, and some characters like Rangers and Sorcerers can equip healing scrolls to patch up the squad. Weapons drop as well and you seem to get something pretty decent each time you finish a battle.

Each class is given a special Dungeon Buster move. For instance, the Berserker, well, goes berserk and he and his allies are invincible for a time. The Battle Chef can slaughter enemies by causing a rain of exploding cows to burst from the sky. Good news is they turn into hamburgers and can be eaten afterwards… not very sanitary, but useful.

Loot is shared amongst your team, so no need to worry about loot hogs. Hogs, I said hogs!

With a level cap of 100 there’s plenty of room to improve your character and train. For the Berserker there are simple training options to improve: melee power, fury, health and mana (counts towards throwing weapons for melee classes).

Earn gold by breaking enemies and unlucky furniture. Barrels, boxes, table’s chairs, and pretty much anything you see are fair game to bash.

Can I keep him?

Note to players: Just because you see a lion in a cage and you can break the cage, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. You can accidentally kill your whole party. Oops?

Gifting items to your fellow players is available and includes cash purchased items.


The art style reminds me of an awful lot of New Ground’s, Castle Crashers. Not exactly new but its fun.


An epic battle melody plays but suffers from music loopitis. Battle sounds and people groaning every time they get whacked is funny at first but eventually you might want to turn it off. Not as annoying as most though.


With all these cool classes and customizations, only twice did I see anyone playing the paid characters. At anywhere from 6 to 60 gems a pop, I can see why.

While there is a chat system in place, the game moves so fast I never did get to introduce myself and chat. Most of the battles were so short it didn’t matter very much anyhow.


Flash and keyboards do not get along so there is no support for playing in full screen. This can be a bit constricting, especially when you turn a corner only to be greeted by a dozen or so skeletons wanting to hack your head off. On a few occasions I accidentally clicked an ad on the side of the page while I was doing something I call spazz gaming. Its not all me though—the controls are a little wonky.

I had some occasional lag when too many people were running the same dungeon and the game did crash. Grrr. Didn’t happen a lot, but enough to make the list.

You get to play with live people, which can be fun but also irritating as hell. While some people are smart enough to work together to stay alive and open traps, don’t expect everyone to cooperate. A lot of the time my party would scatter and die randomly away from each other only to lead a mass of angry adds my way.

Who’s the boss now!?

And my biggest gripe… each class, with the exception of the Berserker and the Ranger, come at a cost. You have to “earn” or buy gems to unlock any new classes or customizations. Most Facebook games throw you a bone, err gem in this case, each time you level, but not here. The only way to earn gems in Dungeon Rampage is to pay cash or complete Facebook surveys and offers. Bologna!


It’s an amusing, wacky dungeon crawl on steroids. The game is freeish. Not sure I love it enough to ever pay them anything or spend time completing surveys though. Could be awesome if they changed that tactic. But if you have some time and want to whack things, I say go for it. You might love it enough to complete a 1 hour survey. Fun!




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Amy Gardiner lends her talents to content editing. She has also agreed to play all those silly Facebook games for us, and we are equally amazed and awed by her resilience to do so. She suffers from a slight point-and-click video game addiction and is always looking for a new fix.

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