That’s right. Assassin’s Creed 3 will be set right in the middle of the American Revolution. It shows the new character with the early American flag waving behind him, and gives some hint at what we can expect.

The character has three weapon types on him: He’s holding an Indian tomahawk in his right hand, a bow & and arrow is slung on his back, and he has two pistols (one in his left hand, and one holstered). I’m sure there’s a hidden blade in there somewhere also.

The original image was leaked to Kotaku, allegedly by a Best Buy employee. After that, a few other screens emerged, including a back shot of the same image and a broader image showing the American Army holding flags and muskets.

Ubisoft finally released the cover art showing the main character in the heat of battle getting ready to crack a skull with his tomahawk.

Just going by the weapons of choice, I assume the main character is part Native American (or has some connection with them).

This could be a huge shift for the series—bringing it to a time not so far into the past, and into a war that few games have done much with. Expect swordplay alongside guns and cannons, and some historical battles that you’ll probably have some secret sway over.

The release data is set for Oct. 30 on the PC, XBox 360, and PlayStation 3. Ubisoft is expected to give more updates on March 5.

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