Included in the Indie Royale Alpha Collection is 3079, the voxelated sequel to 3069 and 3059 that carries the roguelike series into a setting similar to a cross between Fallout and Minecraft. But as the game’s developer, Jeremy (“Phr00t”), will plainly say, this game is meant to be much different than that—treading its own path into gaming history.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Phr00t about roguelikes, permadeth, and the challenge of making a FPS voxel game without being labelled a Minecraft clone.

Now, roguelikes are often left to top-down adventure games with basic graphics and high learning curves. So bringing 3079 into a FPS game accessible to everyone was a bit of a challenge. As things stand, the game is closer to an open world adventure-RPG, but the roguelike charm will be more pronounced in coming updates.

Phr00t said he’d like to add some more random quest types “like an assault/survival one. I’ve also had a request for a permadeath mode, which is very roguelike!”

The game is highly original, yet going the voxel route has won him the all-too-common “Minecraft clone” label—a comparison he hopes to break. “The knee-jerk reaction to seeing a game with a blocky (or at least semi-blocky) world is ‘it’s a Minecraft clone!’ However, if these people took a minute to play the demo, or even watch the trailer, they’d realize it is nothing like Minecraft,” he said.

He said the 3D “block” world makes it easier to generate terrain and characters, “so I wanted to use that type of system.”

“However, that is the only thing that would be similar to Minecraft. Yes, there are lots of Minecraft mods that bring guns to Minecraft, but 3079 is a whole package, with RPG elements, guns, quests & smarter AI—all built from the ground up, together,” Phr00t said.

“Finally, Minecraft didn’t invent block worlds, or building,” he said. “Minecraft took more from Infiniminer than I took from Minecraft, that is for certain. I myself even had a block world, with construction and destruction in 3069 and 3059 (blocky ASCII graphics, anyway, hehe).”

The game is currently in its Alpha state (hence its addition to the Indie Royale Alpha Collection). But it seems this is becoming the hip thing to do among indie developers (like Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft), giving them time to keep improving the game while gamers can still play.

“I’m not sure when 3079 will be ‘finished,’” Phr00t said. “Basically, I want the player to feel like they could do lots of things in a huge, open world. I want there to be lots of fun, dynamic battles, while at the same time, allow for someone to play (and beat) the game with minimal combat (by stealing and sneaking their way to victory).”

He added that creating the game by himself is a big challenge, particularly with a 3-month-old son to take care of, but “I’m doing my best :-)”

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