After building his first HTML5 game, a simple clone of Breakout, developer Aditya Ravi Shankar decided to do something a bit more challenging, and set out to recreate the original Command and Conquer completely in HTML5 and Javascript.

The game is already online and live. You can find it here. The classic RTS has simple graphics and gameplay mechanics, but it’s still surprising (and welcomed) to see it running in HTML5.

Shankar said his goal is to “take this game as far as possible,” noting this will include adding more units, improving the code, making the AI better, and adding multiplayer games. He notes “Several developers have volunteered to help with this effort.”

He explains the development process here, noting “Obviously because of the size of the project, trying to do the whole
thing in under a month all by myself wasn’t the smartest idea. I ended
up spending lots of 18 hour work days during this time.”

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