In the spirit of Operation Payback, in retaliation for actions against WikiLeaks, hacker collective Anonymous Operations is not letting up on cyberattacks in response to recent actions against Megaupload.

But they took a dishonest route with this latest series of attacks that tricked unsuspecting users into launching attacks against government and private websites. This came from a new DDoS tool they have at their disposal, as an alternative to the penetration testing tool they’ve typically used until recently, LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon).

The new tools is Web based, and when a user visits the Web page, a JavaScript code causes the user’s browser to DDoS a targeted website. According to The H Security, the page is being hosted on PasteHTML, which allows users to post HTML code anonymously.

Anonymous users were posting links to the page through Twitter, and anyone who clicked was unwittingly brought into the assault.

OpMegaupload is mainly targeting government websites, and others suspected of having a hand in the Megaupload takedown. These include the Justice Department, the MPAA, and the FBI.

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom was found in his safe room with a sawed-off shotgun. He was initially denied bail, but the New Zealand court is now delaying a final decision on that. According to TorrentFreak, “The prosecutor said that since multi-millionaire Dotcom had multiple
identities, four dozen credit cards and a history of “fleeing criminal
charges” he represented a flight risk “on the extreme end of the scale”.
In the meantime, two other site operators were arrested in Europe.”

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