The galaxy was about to end. Entire planets were empty of players. Lone ships sailed through space. Some of the few remaining players wandered the worlds alone. Some players wandered as far off as they could, found a hill, and spent the final day alone. Some wandered aimlessly through the now empty cities.

Yes, Star Wars Galaxies, the old MMORPG came to an end, making way for its modern descendent, Star Wars: The Old Republic. After the announcement, players gathered in Mos Eisley for a mass protest. Nobody listened.

The largest group of remaining players gathered for a final farewell party. Fireworks filled the skies. Squadrons of ships flew overhead. And players gave their last goodbyes before the “Connection to SWG lost” alert told them it was all over.

The game was released in 2003, but a dual statement from Lucasarts and Sony stated in June, “The shutdown of SWG is a very difficult decision, but SOE and LucasArts have mutually agreed that the end of 2011 is the appropriate time to end the game.”

Empty galaxy

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