Mojang, the same people who developed Minecraft, have officially released the Alpha version of their next title. Cobalt is a side scrolling platform game that gives players the control of an ordinary robot equipped with quite the arsenal.The game combines original elements from Minecraft with an all out action packed experience overflowing with explosions and slow motion shootouts that even Max Payne would envy.

The eccentric atmosphere and creative characters throughout the game bear resemblance to the world in the indie, Machinarium. You will be able to explore this world with multiple friends (currently tested for up to 6) in the game’s multiplayer mode. Given the ability to create your very own world in the level editor, you and friends will be challenged to the limits while playing through a labyrinth of player-created levels.

Development will ensue in the same manner as Minecraft, starting from Alpha and moving onto Beta before reaching the “gold” edition, which will be the full release. With each update to the game, new features will be added, just as they were in Minecraft. As development progresses, so will the prices, so be sure to pre-order the game now at for 9.95€. Be sure to check back here at for future updates on Cobalt.

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