The challenge BioShock brought to gamers went beyond trying to blast splicers as they swung across ceilings. The game challenged players on a moral level with the Little Sisters: harvest them for more power, or free them (which gave more in the end, in my opinion).

The debut episode of Machinima’s latest online series, Co-op Life, focuses on that challenge. After taking down a Big Daddy in his apartment (while his friend eats cereal and watches) the two are left with a Little Sister crying in their living room—and they’re left to decide what to do with the creepy girl with glowing eyes.

“Co-op Life: Bioshock” gives a good intro to the new online series. It follows two guys in their apartment, as their games merge with reality, and they’re faced with some of the same scenarios in their apartment that players encounter in games.

The show has some nice special effects, good acting, and a cool concept. Enjoy the first video in the series below!

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