Rainbow 6 is back and looks to have plenty of potential in the new trailer showing the game as it is projected to be upon release. David Sears, the creative director for Rainbow 6: Patriots, explains that to avoid having the trailer leaked by an unknown source, those at Ubisoft Montreal have to decided to release it themselves. Sears states that the trailer is only of “intended target gameplay footage” and features no actual gameplay footage. He says that the release of the trailer is to “give us the opportunity to start up communication with you guys (the gamers) much, much earlier.” Although the trailer is only a rendition of what the actual game will be, it clearly shows that the developers have worked towards a deeper and more immersive storyline and gameplay experience than ever before.

The trailer begins in the perspective of a successful business man who apparently gained from the recession, when others took a loss. A birthday celebration is in order and just as he and his wife were about to “celebrate”, the doorbell rings. The events following is what lands this man in the back of a van with explosives strapped to his chest. He is handed a pressure sensitive switch by one of the men in the van and is told to get to Times Square (revealing the, or one of the, locations in the game to be New York City). That is when the operators of Rainbow 6 take control. Bullets quickly riddle the side of the van, taking out one of the other occupants in a hurry. The man then exits out the back door and finds himself in quite the predicament as he is tasked with moving throughout a bridge that is now an absolute battlefield.

Just like in previous Rainbow 6 titles, the squad moves with haste and precision to successfully execute their mission. This time around, the crew is equipped with enhanced technology that allows them to have a better overview of the area of operations. As the operators spot the “suicide bomber,” he becomes their main interest. After annihilating all of the opposition, they approach their frightened target and realize that his time has run out. What happens next is what makes this game more ethically complicated than any Rainbow 6 title before it.

Although the exact release dates have yet to be confirmed, Rainbow 6: Patriots is due for retail release sometime in 2013. Be sure to check back here at TechZwn.com for more information as the game’s development progresses.

Check out the trailer below:



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