With the game’s retail release rapidly approaching, some refuse to wait to get their hands on Call Of Duty’s Modern Warfare 3. Like a scene out of “The Italian Job” (except this time in France), thieves managed to coordinate and successfully hi-jack two trucks containing over 6,000 copies of MW3. Given that the games are retailed for $59.99, these thieves have scored quite the loot.

Reports say that the first of the two heists occurred early Saturday morning, right on the outskirts of Paris. The transport truck was unexpectedly struck by another vehicle, which left it immobile and vulnerable to the heist. Masked men reportedly armed with knives and tear gas canisters converged on the transport truck, forcing the drivers out with the tear gas and commandeering the vehicle.

Later That day, another heist occurred when thieves set up a road block and forced the transport truck to stop. Armed with firearms, they coerced the drivers out and took off with the truck. The similarity between the tactics used and the fact that both heists occurred within a short time span hint at a connection between the two incidents. Further details have yet to be released.

The combined amount of games stolen is more than 780,000 euros which is the equivalent to more than $1 million USD. In a recent eBay auction, a single copy of MW3 was sold for $1,700. Who knows how much these thieves will profit, or if they will be caught for their actions. All that is known is that they must be huge fans of the Call Of Duty series. My only question is, if they are caught, how will they be able to play MW3 in prison?

Modern Warfare 3 will be released tomorrow, November 8, 2011. I am sure this heist won’t prevent anyone from purchasing the game on day one.

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