For all you envious console gamers, rest assured, Minecraft is slowly but surely making its’ way to the Xbox 360 gaming platform. Showcased for the first time at the Minecon in Las Vegas, the console version of the game appears to be a fresh addition to the experience. When I first heard of the Xbox 360 release I was a bit skeptical on how well the game would play under a new interface, but from what I saw in the video below, the game features a very user friendly system that allows simple and quick item crafting and use.

Rumor has it that the current state of the Xbox 360 version of the game is based off of an earlier beta release of the PC version of the game. Not much has been said about updates to the 360 version, but although it is an earlier version, the status of the game does not take away from the overall experience.

Minecraft for the Xbox 360 currently has a projected release date in the Spring of 2012. It will be released via digital download on the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace. Prices have yet to be announced. You can also download the game now on IOS devices.

Check out the official trailer below:

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