In the month of October, 2011, 22-year-old Michael John Mamaril passed away while battling cancer. Soon after Michael’s passing, his friend Carlo emailed Gearbox, the developers of Borderlands, with a simple request. With Borderlands being their favorite game, Carlo asked for a few words from Claptrap, the somewhat rude and comic robot featured throughout the game, to honor Michael. Those at Gearbox have gone far beyond expectations to honor Michael and celebrate the life he has lived.

Carlo shared his story with Destructoid, where the eulogy in its entirety can be listened to. As a an addition to the eulogy by Claptrap, Gearbox promises that Michael will be added to Borderlands 2 as an NPC character. Gearbox has gained a tremendous amount of respect in my book and I am sure their efforts have helped in the grievance of those who loved and knew Michael.  Developers at Gearbox stated, “Though he may be gone, he (Michael) will live on forever in the Borderlands.”

Be sure to click the link above to hear the eulogy for yourself.

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