Grand Theft Auto is back with the latest installment that was finally revealed in the new trailer shown below. It doesn’t take long to realize that those at Rockstar have been hard at work with this one. The game looks looks great and Judging by the trailer and previous titles in the series, I think that it is safe to say that Grand Theft Auto V will feature a broad range of environments. From the mountainous woodlands to the busy city, the environments are full of life and detail, showcasing the finely polished graphics exhibited in the game. It appears as if the game will take place in San Andreas and the areas surrounding. The city may seem familiar to those of you who are fans of the GTA series.

Given the ability to steal and drive (or pilot) whatever you please, there needs to be plenty of vehicles to hi-jack in a game of this magnitude. From what the trailer shows us, transportation will not be a problem. From jets and blimps, to waverunners and sports cars, no one will be left behind after pulling off a crime worthy of a few felony charges.

I was glad to see that Rockstar will be sticking to their guns with the funny, but somewhat crude humor. In a particular scene in the trailer, a group of armed men jump out of a pest control van with the words “putting the FU in fumigate” written on the side. Also noted was a police patrol vehicle with the moto “obey and survive” displayed on it. All other games in the series have been known to have a comedy aspect to their environments and storyline. Hopefully the radio stations will be back, I would like to here was “Laslo” has to say this time around.

It is likely that the narrator in the trailer is the new protagonist in the series. When he states, “I wanted to retire from what I was doing, ya know? From that…That line of work, and be a good guy for once,” it is obvious that he is no amateur to the life of crime. He tells us how he moved to this city to start fresh and potentially live a “normal” life, but considering this is a ‘Grand Theft Auto’ title, his life will surely prove to be far from the ordinary.

I can’t help but to be curious what is in store for us when the game releases, but I am confident that Rockstar will deliver another great game. There have yet to be any details of the game’s release date, but my guess will be sometime in mid to late 2012. Previous GTA titles have all been creative and innovative in their own way. Hopefully Rockstar will continue to hold their own when ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ reaches retail stores.

Without any further adieu, check out the official trailer in the window below.

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Corey Philipp has a love for indie games and enjoys sharing this through reviews of great, yet often little-known titles. He has a talent for watching the latest gaming trailers, reading between the lines, and telling you all there is to know about a game before the information is public.

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