After it’s massive release last week, ‘Battlefield 3’ is looking to release the first of, hopefully many, DLC map packs. The pack will include a variety of new equipment, as well as four revamped levels from ‘Battlefield 2’. The contents of the new DLC is as following:

  • Four Battlefield 2 maps: Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Sharqi Peninsula and Wake Island
  • 3 new vehicles
  • 10 new weapons
  • New awards

Rumor has it that the new weapons will consist of an MP-5, PP-19, L96A1, L85, FAMAS, Type 188, Jackhammer, MG36, Type 95, and a Type 97, which can all be viewed here. The trailer also claims that there will be “enhanced destruction”, displaying a building in the process of being exploded to oblivion. The trailer advertises a “classic conquest assault mode,” derived from previous titles. Also noted is “extended persistence,” whatever that means.

Battlefield 3 is nothing less than an amazing game and the addition of this DLC will make it all of a more memorable and enjoyable experience. The maps will take us through the previous title with a modern approach to graphics and overall gameplay. What makes it even better is the fact that the DLC will be absolutely free to all of those who have purchased the “Limited Edition” of the game. For those who do not own the “limited Edition,” the DLC will be available for purchase at a reasonable $15 USD. Look out for the “Back To Karkand” DLC  when it is release sometime in the next month of December, 2011. Check out the trailer below.



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