(UPDATE) The day ended and the giants of Facebook laughed at the attempt to shut it down… if they even noticed.

Hacker collective Anonymous Operations is set to carry out its cyberattacks against Facebook at 9 a.m. ET, as part of their OpFacebook campaign, and it seems things are still going according to schedule.

Members were reaching out to the 4Chan /b/ message board for supporters in the early morning, with repeated posts. Several members said they had already begun launching attacks, while several others said the entire thing was stupid. Facebook is currently online, but what the attack aims to do is delete individual user accounts.

It is doubtful the attacks will do much on a large scale. Anonymous announced the date of the attack (Nov. 5) months back, which gave Facebook admins time to prepare for the usual DDoS and basic SQL injection attacks typically favored by the hacker collective. It is possible, however, that some user accounts will be deleted due to poor passwords.

As a brief history of OpFacebook, it started as a plan to mass delete Facebook accounts. The plan was scrapped, but was revived because users thought it would be funny. It was an attempt to bring attention to Facebook’s storage of user data, but got out of hand.

The self-proclaimed founder of the operation outlined the gradual decline of the project in a Pastebin post.

After the original members decided mass deleting user accounts would not be right, the operation turned toward developing a Facebook alternative. This plan ended, however, when other Anonymous users started AnonPlus.

The problem was, “Nobody ever removed the channel, and so at some point rumours began as to what #opfacebook was,” according to the Pastebin post.

The user states, “Unfortunately, this left only the draft of a message to facebook, warning that they would ‘never forget’ the 5th of November. At some point, somebody saw the near-empty channel and joined it. Rumours were spread ranging from 0-day exploits in facebook to physical attacks on the server. Soon #opfacebook gained around 40 people who expected an attack on facebook.”

Buzz around an attack on Facebook drew media attention, which then spread word of the planned attack. “People started joining really fast, partially because of the media but mainly because of a particularly awesome and lulzy op who didn’t afraid of nothing and secretly wanted to kick 200 users because he/she thought it would be funny when they all got mad,” states the user.

In other words, amid the buzz, most people joined the operation because they thought it would be funny to see people getting mad after their accounts were deleted.

“Unfortunately rum removed his/her op status because he was jelly, and that fucked things up even more because he was left with an embarresing op and nearly 200 people,” states the user, adding “Anyway, the whole thing is a massive clusterfuck and i feel responsible, so can someone sort that shit out?”

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  1. Jim Mengle

    So this is what they’re wanting to do… I barely read the story, because I’m a slave to proper spelling, instead just viewing the youtube post… REALLY? I’m learning how to hack out of a genuine want to improve the world and the safety of its internet while pigf%ckers such as this steal clips from popular movies and choose days such as that of Guy Fawkes to terrorize people into staying away from social networking websites? I guess if you are dumb enough to buy it, you are dumb enough to rot…

    • orbital

      Dude, read the article it states what was going on in the AnonIRC lately. I’ve been there and it’s just one major clusterfuck of people who have no idea what’s going on and are just trying to be little hackers (mostly 13 yr olds). The real problem here is that people like you are ignorant enough to judge an entire movement because a few single persons did random bullshit under the name of Anonymous. The media is just not capable of actually getting things the fuck right. Instead people get to hear just plain wrong stories and bullshit that isn’t true and start derping around in #opfacebook.

  2. Anonymous

    The TEA Party is the only thing standing between Protect-IP, the TSA in truck stops now in Jackson, TN and the “ability to lie” bill that was recently knocked down.

    The TEA Party will give governments and city councils the “ABILITY” to say no to increases.

    In my hometown town meeting in Oakland TN recently, the cops wanted a raise. Our TEA party leader stood up and like John Adams said, “This government and the TEA party can not support any tax increases”. They voted it down because they had backing, TEA Party backing.

    We all know who owns the other parties, MONEY. So don’t just hate anything new, its time to calmly give the USA a way to say NO to spending.

    BTW, Annonymous is just the KKK reincarnate. The KKK started as a group of guys forcing deatbeat dads into taking care of their kids. The KKK sucks, but it started out as vigilante-style good.


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