Check out the video below showing security expert J. Oquendo reverse engineering the malware attack that hit the RSA. The RSA attack is March is believed to have been carried out through an e-mail and an infected spreadsheet, and Oquendo reverse engineers both the e-mail and the spreadsheet for his demonstration.

The video is pretty cool to watch, even if you can’t quite follow it (Oquendo doesn’t narrate). It’s reminiscent of watching a 90’s hacking film, only without the laughing skulls and big “Access Granted” alerts.

Just for some additional info on the RSA attack, F-Secure uncovered the e-mail used by the hackers, noting it was “one of the biggest hacks in history.” The attack was traced back to Chinese networks by Dell SecureWorks researchers.

[vimeo id=”28694613″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

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