Some Verizon users are getting notices that the company can now track what websites they visit, their location, and what apps they use—then sell this data to third parties.

It states Verizon Wireless will begin using the information for “certain business and marketing reports,” and “making mobile ads you see more relevant.” Users who stay on may start seeing online ads more targeted towards their interests.

Tracking will also include words you’re typing into search boxes, and will track information about you—maybe you’re a sports fan, or you own a pet, or maybe you dine out a lot—Verizon wants to know this.

You can opt out of this though. Verizon states “If you do not want us to use your information for any of the purposes described above, please let us know at any time…”

It says users can opt out by visiting or by calling 1-866-211-0874.

* Image By Linux insidev2 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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