Hackers stole designs for military fighter planes and helicopters, and nuclear power plant designs, after breaching networks of Japan’s largest defense contractor Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.

According to Japanese media The Asahi Shimbum, “This is the first time that sources have acknowledged that defense and nuclear plant information may have leaked from Mitsubishi Heavy’s computers due to a computer virus, despite the company saying it had taken appropriate safeguard measures.”

The toll of the attack was only recently unveiled, but took place in August when it was found 83 computers, spread across different branches of the company, were infected with a virus. Company officials kept silent over the scope of the breach.

The Chinese regime is the prime suspect, again, as part of its economic espionage campaign.

They were accused of similar cyberattacks that stole critical information from Western defense contractors, including Lockheed Martin, which came just after breaching RSA.

The Chinese regime denied the attacks, as it always does, but built its J-20 fighter jet with features curiously close to fighter jet plans from Lockheed Martin. RSA also came out and said the attack on their networks was done by two hacker clans working together, but only vaguely confirmed “it was a nation-state-sponsored attack.”

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