Mass Effect 3 executive producer Casey Hudson explains how the game’s four-player co-op mode will affect single player mode in a new video.

He says there is a “cohesive” experience between multiplayer and single player, where “These places that Commander Shepard is trying to secure across the galaxy—as part of your war assets on the single player side—you’re fighting to control those on the multiplayer side, and the better you do, the more you control, the better your single player ending will be.”

While the first two games were about Commander Shepard and his crew, Mass Effect 3 will follow a full-scale galactic war from its beginning to end. Hudson states “Because it’s fundamentally different, we realized that multiplayer could be a compliment to Commander Shepard’s very rich, engaging single-player story experience.”

It looks like the multiplayer mode focuses on specific levels, and not the full game. Based on what we know, multiplayer mode will throw players into the battles taking place on the different planets. It looks like these battles can be fought without Commander Shepard.

According to Hudson, “What’s really amazing about Mass Effect 3 is that for the first time you’ll be able to take control of characters that you’ve never been able to play before.” Gamers will be able to access all the different classes and many of the races that have appeared in the series.

With that said, gamers can avoid multiplayer while still getting the same outcomes in single player. Multiplayer just gives another option that will integrate into the storyline.

Hudson also takes the chance to address concern that multiplayer is taking the developers’ attention away from the single player story. He says they brought in a new team for this, and their work has instead helped polish the single player game.

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