The guys behind the upcoming Minecraft documentary, 2 Player Productions, released the first part of another documentary “The Making of Scrolls.”

They state on their blog that while filming at Mojang for the “Minecraft” documentary, they had the chance to cover the development of “Scrolls.” The video also covers the Bethesda lawsuit against Mojang saying “Scrolls” violates their “Elder Scrolls” trademark.

In the video, Notch calls the lawsuit “basically embarrassing for all of society.” Other developers talk about how the team dealt with the lawsuit—they all seem to have taken it lightly.

2 Player Productions says Scrolls was conceived by Notch and Jakob Porser, co-founder of Mojang while they were still working together at They state “the idea for Scrolls became a reality when Minecraft’s success led to the founding of Mojang.”

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