King Arthur’s Gold (KAG), one of the most entertaining multiplayer games on the Web, was unfortunately overshadowed by the release of Terraria. Yet a new update, which will move it from beta to the full version, will help it stand out from the pack.

KAG is a team-based multiplayer game where each team constructs their own kingdom, then try to destroy the kingdom of rival players. It’s class-based, so players can choose different roles needed for the defense of their fort, they can build wall and other structures, they can make catapults and turn the game into a pseudo Angry Birds clone as they lob rocks at their enemies, and they can dig and tunnel—which lets them pop up right beneath their enemies if they’d like.

A developer concept of what the overworld may look like.

The update will create an overworld to function as a world map where players can build their bases in a randomly-generated world. Players can leave their fort to battle roving raiders and wild animals in the overworld, venture through caves, and “penetrating undead kingdoms to slay necromancers,” according to the KAG blog.

The overworld also lets players gang up and siege a rival kingdom of their choice. Or you could just hang around outside their base and mug travelers.

There is also something of a level system now. All players start as lonesome peons with nothing, unless they get an invite to a friend’s team. And teams are not permanent. You can come and go as you please—or go and build your own kingdom. This could also leave room for coups when the soldiers of a kingdom grow weary of their ruler.

As you adventure, build, and lay waste to enemy kingdoms you will find items and resources, which lets you “progress down a potentially deep and complex class tree, becoming a feared juggernaut or a noble lancer,” states the blog.

And last, but not least, the worlds will be persistent—your player will continue to hang around even while you’re not playing. A new permadeth feature should also be enough to make players avoid death at all costs—if your character dies, all their progress is lost, and they drop everything they own. The character will be gone for good, and you’ll have to start over again. “This makes killing the king (or queen) of a nation a massive event as the whole hierarchy of that team would change, and the whole battle dynamic would be quite a lot more serious because of the massive penalty of death.”

To make permadeth less of a hassle, they’re reworking the battle system—dropping the current, fast-paced combat. Higher levels characters will be harder to kill, and players will be able to retreat from battle.

An important note though—not all servers have the permadeth feature, “and a player with no currently active character would still be able to spectate the world, so you don’t miss the end of a war just because you died in it.”

The game is currently free-to-play, and the current version will remain that way under the title “King’s Gold: Classic.” The full version will simply be called “King Arthur’s Gold.” The Classic version will retain the fast-paced combat, while the full version will have the drawn-out battles in persistent worlds, and the permadeth feature.

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