A family who built themselves a Hobbit hole for a home in Wales was kind enough to post instructions on how they did it. The “low impact woodland home” cost about 3,000 euros ($4,059) to build, and was done completely by hand.

The eco-friendly home was “Dug into hillside for low visual impact and shelter” and a grass covered roof makes for “low impact and ease” according to a website to help others build similar homes.

Most of the home was constructed from basic materials—stone and mud obtained from digging, a frame built from spare wood, straw bales for insulation.

They also use nature to help save energy. Their refrigerator, for example, is “cooled by air coming underground through foundations” and a skylight gives natural light during the day. They use solar panels for electricity. It seems they have roof leaks covered also. Aside from a plastic coating, they direct rainwater to their garden.

The’re also rather generous on spreading the idea. You can find plans for the house here, instructions on how they did it here, and they even give a page where you can find resources here.

Life in a Hobbit hole? Count me in. I’d probably go with a round door though.

[All photos courtesy of the Low Impact Woodland Home website]

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  1. salemwitchchild

    I love this! 🙂 It’s so whimsical. It would be a bit weird though to say, “Honey could you mow the house for me?” lol


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