With the Battlefield 3 Open Beta now live, DICE released a video welcoming new players and introducing what to expect from the beta.

The video starts with a brief introduction to the game engine before going into the Rush multiplayer mode featured in the beta, which has players attacking and defending targets throughout the map. There aren’t many tips in the video, with the exception of a part telling players to “make sure to use tactical destruction” to destroy walls and places enemy teams may use for cover. It then briefly introduces the four player kits (assault, engineer, support, and recon), but doesn’t say much more than the class names.

It also notes what’s not in the beta, namely vehicles, noting that Battlefield games have always had them and Battlefield 3 will be no exception. I know some players were asking whether there were vehicles in the beta, so this is likely DICE just clarifying that.

The video closes with a brief note that players can go to Battlefield.com for info on how to get the beta.

[youtube id=”8QzxLKSX8os” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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