For more than a month, Chinese hackers were sifting through e-mails and information from Japanese parliament. The computers were affected by a trojan horse, which was sent to a Lower House member in July, according to Naked Security, the official blog of security company Sophos. They cited information from Japanese media Asahi Shimbun.

After the computers were infected, they began downloading malware from a server based in China. This gave the hackers remote access to e-mails, and then even deeper access as they stole usernames and passwords of different lawmakers.

The attack closely follows new reports stating hackers breached Japan’s largest defense contractor, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, and were able to steal plans for military aircraft—including fighter jets and helicopters—as well as plans for nuclear power plants. The Chinese regime was also the prime suspect.

(Image Credit: By zoonabar, via Wikimedia Commons)

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