With lush landscapes, floating cities, and some futuristic war machines, Anno 2070 from Ubisoft has a lot going for it. It seems like a blend of the city creation of Sim City games mixed with RTS of games like Command and Conquer.

The video states “war is just one option,” hinting at the game’s model that seems closer to that of the Civilization series—you can play the game straight through as peace-loving hippy environmentalist, or you can take your submarines and bring doom from below to the water-bound cities of your opponents, rain doom from the sky with some of the game’s cool looking aircraft.

Environment plays a large part in the game. Players will have to deal with pollution as the game progresses, either finding ways to clean it up, or by storing it. The game takes place after climate change has turned the earth into a global series of islands.

There are two different factions players can choose from, defined primarily, by how they power their cities and how much pollution they create. Ecos opt for sustainability and help the surrounding environment with green technology, while Tycoons are more into efficiency and don’t seem to care about laying waste to the surrounding forests. Ecos progress slowly and guard the environment, while Tycoons progress quickly at the cost of their surroundings.

The game’s world will change and evolve base on the path players take.

Undersea exploration will also play a part in the game. Players can search for minerals, and it seems they can also build some undersea structures.

Anno 2070 is set for release on Nov. 17. The game is looking to bring something new to the RTS genre, and could be a sleeper hit.

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