Minecraft Pocket Edition is coming to the rest of the Android devices Sept. 29, following its release on the Xperia Play. Mojang Specifications has the challenge of moving from the joypad of the Xperia Play to the touch screen controls found on other Android devices, and a video showing how the controls work looks somewhat awkward.

Going by the video, it seems players can’t move and look simultaneously, or at the very least, the person doing the demonstration does not look and move simultaneously. It seems placing blocks is done by tapping on select areas, while breaking blocks is done by tapping and holding on a block—and I can see how this could be a problem, since you also need to tap and hold to look around, and you need to tap and move a bit to select which areas to make or break blocks.

Still, the graphics look great, and the animations look smooth. I can see most users coping with the odd looking controls, but if the game has Survival Mode the controls could really make things difficult.

[youtube id=”rCcsuPH4vJY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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