The Lockheed Stratoliner, a concept commercial aircraft based off the Bar Tailed Godwit, a bird that holds the longest non-stop flight record, is meant to go further and higher than any commercial aircraft has gone before.

The futuristic jet, designed by William Brown, is powered by four Cryogenic Hydrogen Turbofan engines with zero emissions. It’s massive wings, curled at the end, create strong lift allowing the jet to fly at high altitudes while consuming few recourses.

Brown states the aircraft was his “attempt to try and theoretically predict potential future trends in the industry.” He chose Lockheed Martin as the focus of the study “because of it’s track history of producing some of the most revolutionary concepts in aviation. But also inspiring other designers in other industries, such as the F22 stealth language being adopted by Lamborghini.”

Brown describes the unique design further on his website, stating:

The large bird shaped wings help to generate enormous amounts of lift allowing the aircraft to fly at much higher altitudes where the air is thinner. Thinner air reduces drag on the airframe allowing higher top speeds whilst reducing fuel consumption.

The downward wing configuration makes the airframe slightly unstable, until now an undesirable quality in passenger flight but thanks to advances in computer technology Stratoliner can provide a very stable platform whilst being exceptionally manoeuvrable for a jet of its size.


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