I’ve created a working version of Dwarf Fortress for Mac OS Lion. This fixes the launch error that made it unable to open in OS Lion, using a fix that was being passed around the Web. This is the latest version (at the time of this upload), 0.31.25

I’ve made two versions, one of the regular version, and one with the Mayday graphics pack pre-installed.

You can download the regular version of Dwarf Fortress (works in OS Lion), here.

You can download the Mayday version of Dwarf Fortress (again, works in OS Lion), here.

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Joshua Philipp is the founder and editor of TechZwn.com. He's also an award-winning journalist at Epoch Times.

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  1. Jeff Dougherty

    You, sir, are my new hero. Thanks so much for posting this- I have DF back!

  2. Christopher Kennedy

    ???it dosent work it gives me a .exe…MAC’S CANT USE .EXE! well this is a let down..rlly wan to play this but im not paying 20 fora windows opening program to play 1 game


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