A video of the long-awaited Adventure Update for Minecraft was shown at PAX, showing off improved graphics and some cool new gameplay features. The video shows off some incredibly deep dungeons with some ancient ruins hidden in their depths.

The video is of Notch himself playing Minecraft. At just under 18 minutes into the video, Notch said he and his team will release version 1.8 “as soon as we can,” but noted “We haven’t because there’s so much we need to clean up.”

He added they may do “partial updates” to get it out faster, since with each of the new features “All these things take time to finish.”

There will also be villages, which as seen at the 19 minute mark in the video. Notch says “there’s usually a village near your spawn, but they can be a bit difficult to find.”

Check out the video below:

(UPDATE) Notch took some time to go over the new features. The video, posted Aug. 28, is below:

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  1. Anonymous

    You would think Notch could afford a better video camera with all the millions he has made.

    I would expect this kind of quality video from some random convention goer, but not Notch.

    • kingsix

      I’m pretty sure they were streaming that live, which would explain the lower video quality.

    • anon

      The quality is due to youtube’s low bitrate of 360p uploads, not because of the camera. Why the clip isn’t available in higher resolution is strange though.

    • Joshua Philipp

      Yeah, the Q&A with Notch wasn’t much better. I posted an HD video, but it unfortunately doesn’t go as far into the gameplay as the other.

      • Vincent Beers

        That’s like saying Symbian is exact. Or Windows. On what phone? Does said phone have a good microphone (well obviously not)?

      • Christopher De Leon

        Live stream, at a convention, he wouldnt have had the bandwidth to support a high-res stream.

  2. Always2ndedbyu2

    After watching this video all you guys want to do is criticize the video quality (or the camera quality rather) of the first video…..

    This update is going to be insanely amazing. I thought he would show off the NPCs in the village, they might not be done? I cannot wait to see what is going to happen with the leveling and skill points system.

  3. Iliketuna

    i was exploring mah world (ima a noob to minecraft) and i got lost and i found a village with sugar cane and alot of sheep and cows and alot of really nice houses D: i cant finde my way home..


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